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  • Software that works +

    We are a team of developers and focus on implementing state of the art malware analysis.
  • High Usability +

    Our focus is to keep the report as clean and usable as possible. In-depth information is available on demand.
  • Interface Everything +

    Our API is simple (HTTP based) allowing flexible integrations, but we also support industry standards such as OpenIOC.
  • Highly Configurable +

    VxStream Sandbox is not a black box. We believe in transparency, as robust solutions don't need obscurity.
  • Direct Tech-Support +

    You get direct access to the core developers giving you the opportunity to influence the product.
  • Automated Deployments +

    The standalone system comes with an extensive bootstrap script to automate the host and client installation.
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Try It Out

We run a very popular malware analysis service for the community at hybrid-analysis.com. It always runs the latest stable version with streamlined guest VMs. Go ahead and submit your executable files/documents for an in-depth analysis.

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Every now and then we write about new features, technologies or sample reports at our IT-Security blog. Go have a visit!

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If you are interested in licensing the full version of VxStream Sandbox (includes the webservice, API, runtime monitors, load balancing controller, hybrid analysis technology, report generator, all indicators, YARA signatures, scripts, etc.) or have any questions, please use our contact form and get in touch. We have a very simple licensing structure that is based on your usage only. If you are interested in a demo, try out the free malware analysis service at hybrid-analysis.com or inquire about a free private evaluation account.