What is Hybrid Analysis?

Pure dynamic analysis is not enough anymore these days, as malware evolves and detects sandbox systems. Often, the real payload is not executed and triggered through timebombs or other mechanisms. Combining static with dynamic analysis in a hybrid solution is a next generation approach when it comes to malware analysis. As data load grows, we need performant and intelligent solutions.

Our Software Benefits

  • Algorithms that work +

    We offer industry-oriented, state of the art algorithms that solve problems in the real world.
  • Adaptable Interfaces +

    We offer flexible interfaces and engines that are OS independent for low and high level languages.
  • Highly Configurable +

    We offer a wide range of features and configuration options to meet your custom needs.
  • Premium Support +

    We offer direct and immediate access to our technical developers for top notch support.
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  • StaticStream is my first choice to find relevant code locations in memory dumps. I use the output to generate code signatures automatically and find entrypoints for in-depth analysis.
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